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B & D Ski/Board Leash w/breakable link


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1. A coiled cord that stretches out without considerable force, but returns quickly to a coiled shape to stay close to boots and bindings. The cord also provides a method of dispersing the kinetic energy released in a fall, providing a way to absorb or dissipate the energy over a longer period, thus dropping the peak forces on the leash in a fall. Think crumple zones in a car, or load limiters in climbing.
2. A plastic fuse link that will break around 40 lb or 60 lb depending on the size selected.
3. Vinyl tubing protects the attachment cord from; shearing over sharp features, wear, and stress concentration.
4. A snap hook that can be opened with thick gloves, and provides quick attachment/detachment.

The power of this leash is in its ability to reduce the shock of a fall as it is strong enough to resist a minor fall but can break free in an avalanche. The stretching action of the leash minimizes the peak forces placed on the leash during a fall, allowing the attachment (fuse link) to have a lower breaking value. In turn this allows the attachment to break in a situation that has a constant force, such as in an avalanche. The leashes should actually break away at a significantly lower force than your bindings' release point.

The ski leash comes as a kit with leashes, four rubber sleeves, two sizes of fuse links (that break at approximately 40 and 60 lbf), attachment cord, and vinyl tubing to protect attachment cord from sharp edges.

The ski leash can remain on while changing skins or taking breaks. The ski leash coils up to about 12 in (30 cm), and can extend to approximately 6 ft (2 Meters).

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